JFK Assassination, A Conspiracy?

As the Presidential motorcade of John F. Kennedy passed the Texas School Book Depository Building on November 22, 1963 at 12:30 pm CTS, three shots came from the sixth floor, fatally wounding the President. Kennedy was pronounced dead 30 minutes later at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital.

Fifty-five years later there are still those who feel that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was not the crime of a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, but was a conspiracy. A conspiracy with Oswald as only one of the participants, even as one of several gunmen.

When I first started looking in the assassination nearly 40 years ago, I had many questions. The stories were out there. And there were doubts in my mind. Enough doubts that when Gerald Ford ran for President in 1976, who was a member of the Warren Commission, was a factor on my decision on who would get my vote. I felt then and still feel now that the report was incomplete.

Was there people who wanted him dead? Sure there was. He was working to bring an end to organized crime, wanted the removal of Fidel Castro from being the leader in Cuba, and he had just a year before stood his ground against the communist Soviet Union.

There’s even the thought that Oswald would have had to be lucky to fire three accurate shots from a bolt action rifle in approximately 8 seconds and there had to be a second gunman. And why two days later, on November 24th, did Jack Ruby murdered Oswald as he was being transferred from City Jail to County Jail. Why would Ruby do that? Luck and chance happens all of the time. Ruby may have just snapped that morning, perhaps due to an expression on Oswald”s face.

Now more than 40 years after I first started researching and reading about the assassination, the theories of conspiracy, my views have changed. At first I was pretty certain that there was a conspiracy and that even if Oswald had acted alone, others were involved. Today I believe that Oswald did act alone and he was the lone gunman and that several strange and unusual factors came together to make the impossible possible.

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