Genesis – Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

It was in 1974 on November 18th that Genesis released The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. The album was their sixth studio album and the last album with involvement of singer Peter Gabriel.

The concept album centres around a journey of self-discovery of Rael, a Puerto Rican youth living in New York City and the bizarre incidents and characters he meets along the way.

After the release of the album the group went on tour begins on November 20th in Chicago, and ended on May 22, 1975 in Besançon, France. The band knew that Peter Gabriel was planning on leaving the group at the end of the tour.

Even though it wasn’t a big hit for Genesis when it was first released it peaked at No. 10 on the UK Album Chart and No. 41 on the US Billboard 200, it is now considered one of their best albums.