Death of Duane Allman

On October 29, 1971, the world lost one of the great Rock guitarist, Duane Allman of The Allman Brothers Band. In Macon, Georgia he was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle while trying to swerve to avoid a tractor-trailer. The motorcycle bounced into the air, landed on Allman and skidded another 90 feet with Allman pinned underneath. He was three weeks shy of his 25th birthday.

Allman began his career as a session guitarist and worked with many artists, including Clarence Carter, King Curtis, Aretha Franklin, Laura Nyro, Wilson Pickett, Otis Rush, Percy Sledge, Johnny Jenkins, Boz Scaggs, Delaney & Bonnie, Doris Duke and jazz flautist Herbie Mann.

Slowly during 1969 he joined his brother, Gregg, to create the Allman Brothers Band. The brothers were joined by Dickey Betts, Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks, and Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson (drums

The video is of the Allman Brothers Band preforming Whipping Post on 9/23/1970 at Fillmore East.

Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-a-Ling

1972 saw a number of artists who began charting during the infancy of Rock and Roll in the 1950’s. Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and Chuck Berry. Berry’s ‘My Ding-A-Ling’ was the only Number 1 by the 50’s rocker. It began a two week run at Number 1 on the US singles chart on October 21, 1972. It was his first and only US and UK No.1, 17 years after his first chart hit.

Also on October 21, 1972, Curtis Mayfield soundtrack to the movie “Superfly began a a four-week run at No.1 on the US album chart.

May Day

May 1st is a holiday in many countries. One such holiday is International Workers’ Day (a name used interchangeably with May Day) a celebration of the achievements of the international labor movement. In the United States many view it as a socialist or communist celebration, although the day is the commemoration of the Haymarket Riot in Chicago in 1886.

he Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (FOTLU) of the United States and Canada had set the date of May 1, 1886, as the date by which the eight-hour work day would become the standard work day. In the Chicago area of Haymarket Square on May 4, a riot broke out between strikers against employers who did not grant the 8 hour work day. The strikers lost.

May Day is also a holiday that was celebrated in pagan Europe. It was a festival day to celebrate the spring planting. For the Druids it was the second most important day in the year when they celebrated the festival of Beltane.

From this May Day celebration comes the May Pole and the May Pole Dance. In the Middle Ages the villages would bring a pole to the center of the village from the adjoining forest. At times neighboring villages would even have contest to see who had the tallest pole.

In the bigger towns, such as London, the poles would become a permanent structure. This custom came to America with the English colonist. One such structure in the center of New York was renamed the Liberty Pole just prior to the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

At Washington College, a small Liberal Arts College located on Maryland”s Eastern Shore, the first of May has become a day when the students celebrate the coming of the end of the semester and the beginning of summer with an unique liberating May Day tradition.

Cover of the Rolling Stone

“The Cover of ‘Rolling Stone'” was written by Shel Silverstein with Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show recording it. It was the band’s third single and peaked at number six on the U.S. pop chart for two weeks on March 17–24, 1973.

Dr Hook And The Medicine Show did get their picture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine on March 29, 1973 issue. It was only a caricature of the band not a photograph and the band name was not mentioned. The caption was, “What’s-Their-Names Make the Cover.”

It’s been reported that they really did buy five copies for their mothers.