A Fan’s View


I’m H. August Knight and I have joined forces with Steve Atkinson and Toni Lynne here at “View from the Shore” to give honest reviews of music, TV and movies from a fan’s view. Or I should say from my view.

Often we as fans are hear critical reviews, but sometimes those view don’t match the same as those of the fans. Most of those critics are are educated and trained in the same field that they are giving criticism.

I have a little knowledge in the Theatrical Arts since I did take some courses in college a few decades ago.

The thought of doing this type of articles came to me almost that long ago, but for many reasons I never pursue. Now that I am moving toward retirement I am going to start.

How often will I post? That’s a good question. Once that right now I don’t have a answer. My goal is around once a week.

Welcome to our – View from the Shore


Sometimes it takes three to make a successful venture and this site will feature:

H. August Knight with his ‘From a Fan’s View’ of the Arts

Toni Lynne is a child of the ’70s and present videos and information of the music of the 70’s with 70’s Music Revisited

Steve Atkinson started 6 Things to Consider in 2006, when he wrote 6 paragraphs on a random subject. That site has been lost due to technical issue and will be revived here.